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Why We Do

At Tosh & Leod we love being creative, writing ideas down, and watching them take shape, so we have created simple products that are easy to use. Make any location, office, bedroom, kitchen, or even on your desk a place for creativity, brainstorming, collaboration and learning with our dry erase whiteboard products.

Back To Work Specials

Full of ideas to share with the team after summer? Get collaborative with dry erase boards. Easy peel and stick perfect for the office - at work or at home.

Choose from our Think Space bundle with a variety of sizes to suit all your spaces! Pop a small one on your desk and write yoru to do lists every day, use the large ones for your big plans!

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Soft Tones

Introducing our new soft tone range of peel and stick dry erase boards. A dreamy muted colour palette that is perfect for your home office, workspace or kitchen.

Choose from Blue Chalk, Desert Sand, Oyster Pink, Bon Jour Grey, Rodeo Dust Tan, or Frosted Mint.

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Think Space

Tosh & Leod's Think Space is a whiteboard that's not boring! Made from a premium materials, it is easy to apply at home, office or school.

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Goal Dot

Tosh & Leod's Goal Dot is how you GET WHAT YOU WANT. Made from the same materials as the Think Space, just put your goal in the centre and then get to work, writing down down the next step to achieve it around the outside.

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Write Walls

Tosh & Leod's Write Walls are what you use when a large Think Space isn’t large enough, or you want to cover an existing whiteboard. Dry erase wallpaper, with a seamless repeating pattern so you can apply it over a large area.

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