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- Are Whiteboards Magnetic? -

Whiteboards made from steel, or flexible film laminate whiteboards mounted to steel are magnetic. Melamine, HPL and glass whiteboards are not magnetic as their substrates are not made from a ferrous metal, or in other words, materials that do not contain iron. 

Here are 4 ways to make a magnetic whiteboard with your Tosh & Leod Think Space, Goal Dot, or Write Wall. 

  1. An easy way to make a magnetic whiteboard is to mount a flexible film laminate, like a Think Space, to your fridge door.  This won’t work if you have a real stainless-steel door on your fridge, but most (like ours) has a faux stainless door. 
  2. Recover an old metal whiteboard that has started to ghost with a Write Wall. You can pick old whiteboards up for peanuts on auction sites.
  3. Ask a local steel fabricator if they have an off cut of galvanized sheet that you can buy/have. We’ve been fortunate in the past asking for these, sometimes they charge you a box of beers, but if it is something they already have in stock, and it’s not too large, most are happy to give it to you.
  4. Buy on old steel plate and mount a Goal Dot to it, this makes quite an artistic backing for your new whiteboard.

These are just a few ways to make your Tosh & Leod whiteboard magnetic. We would love to hear from you or see pictures of where your Tosh & Leod whiteboard is mounted. 

How are Whiteboards Magnetic?

Whiteboards are not inherently magnetic, it is the substrate that they laminated to. To be magnetic they need a ferrous, meaning something containing iron, i.e. a steel sheet. 

It is easy to make a Tosh & Leod whiteboard magnetic, just stick it to your fridge or a steel substrate around the house, and your magnets will work on it!

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