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- Expert tip: Whiteboard cleaning and maintenance -

A Tosh & Leod whiteboard is exactly the same as any other product – look after it and it will look after you.

They’re made in New Zealand to the highest possible standards, but our whiteboards still need to be used appropriately and kept as clean as possible to ensure their longevity.

That gives you, our valued customer, more bang for your buck and means you won’t spend money unnecessarily to replace a whiteboard that could have lasted longer if looked after properly.

What’s whiteboard ghosting?

People who know their way around a whiteboard will tell you that sometimes after use there will be some “ghosting” left behind on the surface.

That’s the impression of the words or numbers you’ve just rubbed off.

It can happen if there’s been some time since the board was last wiped clean, but also if you’re using the wrong kind of marker or dry-erase pen.

A marker that contains solvents can eat into the surface of your whiteboard, which you don’t want, and it can create ghosting on the surface.

It’s far better to use a water-based marker, which Tosh & Leod includes with every whiteboard we sell.

This type of marker will be easier to wipe off your whiteboard’s surface and won’t leave any ghosting behind. If you’re using a marker you haven’t bought from us, check its label to make sure it doesn’t contain any solvents.

Don’t panic though if you’ve wiped the board clean and there is some ghosting as we can help you solve that problem.

Most standard household cleaners come in pretty handy for this.

Spray it onto the whiteboard directly or onto a cloth and then use the cloth to wipe the whiteboard’s surface.

A dry cloth is generally best as that way it won’t spread the ink around the surface and make an even worse mess.

If you try that and find it doesn’t work, or there’s still some slight ghosting, the next step is to use methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol and use the same technique as before with the cloth.

You may need to repeat the process several times until the whiteboard’s surface is looking new again.

If you’ve accidentally used a permanent marker on your whiteboard, don’t panic, there are ways to fix this as well.

For more information on this subject see our article on getting permanent marker off whiteboards

As we said earlier, using a whiteboard properly will help to increase its lifespan and the more often you clean its surface the better off it will be and the longer it will last.

Every whiteboard we sell also comes with a high-quality microfibre cleaning towel. It contains thousands of tiny fibres that provide an extremely effective clean due to the increased surface contact area.

Thanks for reading and feel free to write a comment on this post or ask a question. We’re always happy to help!

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