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We are developing our own whiteboard markers at the moment, but until we do, we suggest using water-based markers, not solvent based ones.  The solvents eat into the film’s surface causing ghosting and are hard to remove. Each purchase comes with a whiteboard markers that is the best to use, otherwise, “Stephens White Board Marker” by BIC are a good option and widely available.
Direct UV is exposure where the sun’s ultraviolet light has a direct path of contact (not behind glass) to the film, mostly exterior situations, or rooms with a courtyard.  Indirect UV is when the film meets UV behind glass, usually interior settings.
In an interior situation our whiteboards will last up to 3 years, this will depend on how much indirect UV exposure they get, what they are cleaned with, and what whiteboard markers are used on them.
Yup! If you’re outside of NZ there will be a shipping charge.
Absolutely! We will endeavor to get your parcel to you wherever you are, shipping charges will vary for different locations. Note there are some remote areas that we may not be able to get the product to you.
Tosh & Leod whiteboards are made to the highest possible standards by our team of experts in Auckland, New Zealand, and they’re built to last.
The correct markers should wipe off with a whiteboard eraser.  If you leave the writing on there for some time you may need to use hot soapy water or a surface cleaner to remove the markers.  If this does not remove the dry erase ink then methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol will remove the ink. Read more about whiteboard cleaning in our blog post here
Ghosting comes from leaving whiteboard marker on the whiteboard for a prolonged period of time and/or using the wrong type of markers.  The markers need to be water based not solvent based. Read our blog post on how to get permanent marker off a whiteboard here Read our blog post on whiteboard maintenance here

The Hinge Method

You’ll need: Masking tape, tape measure, level, a craft knife, a pencil and a microfiber cloth. If there is a second person available to help with the application it will be helpful, especially if it is your first time. Steps:
  • Use masking tape to secure the whiteboard in the desired space by taking a small piece 45 degrees from each corner.
  • Make sure the product is level.
  • Then place one piece of masking tape either side of the center, either horizontally or vertically, these will become your hinge for application.
  • Now rip or lightly cut the masking tape securing two of the corners down on the same side of the hinge, these will become your markers for placement when we lay the film down.
  • Peel the backing paper off the film (not the film off the backing paper) and then trim the backing film off as straight as possible.
  • Holding the film out from the wall taught so it is flat, but not too tight so that you are stretching it or causing tenting, start to applicate the film up and then down, crossing 50% over your last squeegee line so that the product is properly applicated without bubbles. As you move along you will need to lower the end you are holding closer to the wall you’re applicating to.
  • Remove the tape holding the hinge in the middle and then repeat the step above with the other side of the hinged media.
  • Dispose of your rubbish and start writing!!
Take a look at our video guide to installing a Tosh & Leod whiteboard here
This depends largely on how well the wall is prepared.  In commercial offices the painting is usually done for low cost and this can be at the sake of preparation or the number of coats.  If the paint does not have a good bond to the wall, it will come off if you pull the film back during application.

What’s the return policy?  If you are unhappy with your purchase let us know and we will send out another product as replacement.  If you are still unhappy with the product send us a photo/video of the removal with your receipt and we will supply a 100% refund.

Custom orders cannot be returned.

If there is a defect with your product then we can re-supply.  Please send photos, or video of the issue to hello@toshandleod.com and we will be in contact.

Bulk Orders cannot be returned.

If there is a defect with your product then we can re-supply.  Please send photos, or video of the issue to hello@toshandleod.com and we will be in contact.

Free Shipping & Return Policy

Free shipping in New Zealand is applicable for all orders over NZD $100 Free Returns: Custom made orders are not eligible for free return. If you are unsatisfied or are exchanging your product, we require that you return the product with 30 calendar days of the purchase. The product must be in the same condition that you receive it, undamaged, and able to be resold. Once we have received your item, we’ll check it out, then get it ready for return.  We will aim to do this within 7-10 business days, not including the time spent in freight. You’re welcome to exchange the product, we’ll simply adjust for the difference. If you have made a mistake with the shipping address, just let us know and we’ll organise your parcel to be sent to the correct address. Additional shipping charges may apply.

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