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- How to get permanent marker off a whiteboard -

So, you’ve created your master plan and you’re ready to wipe the whiteboard and move on to the next topic. You go to wipe the marker off and nothing, the plan is still there, it hasn’t moved. You look at the pen, it says, permanent marker. The sudden panic comes over you. What do you do?  

Take a breath. The process is simple. If you have a Tosh & Leod Goal Dot, Think Space or Write Wall, then go straight to option 3, isopropyl alcohol. This will remove most markers from our premium whiteboards. 

 If you bought another whiteboard keep reading… 

There are many different permanent markers out there, and some will come off more than others.

The best approach is to start with the least solvent solution and work your way up until the marker comes off. 

Work through the following list, until the marker wipes off, or you have exhausted all options. 


1) Hot Soapy water & sponge or micro-fiber towel. 

Get a bucket, jug, or cup and fill it with the hottest water you can stand without burning yourself. Add whatever liquid soap you have for the dishes. These are generally stronger than hand soaps and will clean better. A small amount of soap will suffice. You want your solution to feel slippery between your fingers, but not full of foam.  

2) Methylated Spirits

Use on a cloth and wipe. We recommend wearing gloves with all chemicals. Absorption through the skin is dangerous to your health.   

3) Isopropyl alcohol

Also known as rubbing alcohol, isopropyl is a solution used to decontaminate surfaces. Again, we recommend wearing gloves as the absorption through skin can be dangerous.   

4) Mineral turpentine 

Like wax and grease remover or prep-sol, turps is good for removing oil (while wearing gloves). Turps tends to leave a film on the surface and will sit in any scratches. We recommend cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol afterwards.  

5) Paint thinners 

Be careful and wear gloves. This is the most solvent of all options listed. The name is on the tin, paint thinners, you can guess what it is for. Thinners will often turn a gloss surface matte, so use it. Marker debris may stick in the matte surfaces.  

If all else fails and you have been unable to give your whiteboard a new lease of life, check out our range here. 

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