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Think Space

$30$260 incl. GST

Stick it, Think it, Write it!

Tosh & Leod’s original Think Space is a large dry-erase whiteboard sticker designed to go on any non-porous surface in minutes! The adhesive is repositionable so you can slide it across your surface to get it in the right position, and bubble free so it looks perfect everytime.

Think Spaces come in several colours to match your decor, mood, or desire.

&The Think Space, Peach is great for dyslexia, providing better contrast

Gimme the Details

Tosh & Leod’s original Think Space is available in different colours:

From our original range choose from: - Mint - Yellow - Peach - Powder Blue - From our new soft tone range choose from: - Blue Chalk - Desert Sand - Oyster Pink - Bon Jour Grey - Rodeo Dust Tan - Frosted Mint -   

The Think Space also comes in 4 different sizes

1200mm / 47in, 800mm / 31in, 400mm / 16in, 200mm / 8in


  • You are able to use whiteboard markers and liquid chalk pens.
  • Applies in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in a custom square shape
  • Choose your colour

Avoid boring! Choose Think Space

Be Creative

Your Think Space is your place to think, draw, sketch, plan to take over the world. It’s the best way to “get it done’ in your home of office.

Get Collaborative

Better results come from getting everyone’s ideas down on a Think Space.

How to Get it Down

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