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- Safety Conscious? – Choose the right Whiteboard for You -

Are Whiteboards Flammable?

Whiteboards can be flammable, but they are not an ignition source. 

Here is a quick list of whiteboards and their flammability:

Flexible Film laminate

These are usually classed self-extinguishing. This means that they will stop burning once the source of the flame has been removed. Tosh & Leod are whiteboards are classed as this. They should not be burned on purpose, as plastics can release chlorine gas when burned which is dangerous.

Porcelain/Enamel Coated Steel

These should not be flammable, the components of this are formed in high heat and therefore take a lot to of heat to burn. We do advise you speak with the manufacturer though as the backing board which are mounted to will be flammable.

Melamine & HPL

These whiteboards will burn and may release toxic chemical when they do. 

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