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- Should I Resurface / or Recycle whiteboards? -

Can whiteboards be resurfaced?

Yes! Whiteboards can be resurfaced. Our Think Space or WriteWall are the perfect product to refresh and revitalize your old ghosting whiteboard. 

Clean them down using isopropyl alcohol, finish with a dry rag.

Make sure all the dirt and rubbings are off. Especially at the bottom of the whiteboard where they gather. Dirt left underneath the new whiteboard surface will be very noticeable. 

Then, cover with a stick-on whiteboard, either a Think space or a WriteWall.

Can whiteboards be recycled?

No they can’t, but we are working with our suppliers on more sustainable products.  The hard part about making it recyclable is the laminate and the flexibility in the PVC base layer. 

Our base film is produced by 3M. They work very hard to reduce the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) when the film is produced. They also pay carbon emissions offset, and have invested $1 billion dollars in reducing carbon emissions. This is why we support them. 

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